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Nitrogen For Tires -- 


Most service maintenance for your car costs money. Purigen98 tire inflation service is designed to save you money. Tire costs are now estimated to be the second highest operating cost after gasoline. PurigeN98 not only reduces tire expenses, it also cuts your gas bills.

Here's how...

PurigeN98 stabilizes tire pressure better than air. That means less wear, less heat build-up and less gas consumption. When your tires are consistently inflated at proper pressure with PurigeN98, you will benefit from:
  • Extended tire life and increased tire mileage
  • A smoother ride with better handling, braking and steering
  • Peace of mind through a product associated with less breakdowns, blowouts  and tire fatigue
  • Better stability and decreased rolling resistance
  • More efficient fuel consumption and more miles to the gallon

Fuel Efficiency

By maintaining the proper pressure over an extended period of time the tire rolling resistance is minimized. The US government estimates that by maintaining the proper pressure within your tires, the average driver will save 3.3% on fuel use.

What’s the Science behind it

When a tire is properly inflated the rolling resistance is optimized. Ever cycle on a bicycle or push a wheel barrow with under inflated tires? It takes more energy to push forward. For every 10% the tire is under inflated, it uses 2% more fuel. So a tire that is supposed to be inflated to 32 PSI with only 26 PSI uses 20% more fuel.


Maximum Tire Life

It is hard to see when a tire is under inflated. Only by checking regularly with a high quality tire gauge can you maintain the proper pressure within the tire. Most tires will not even look under inflated until they are 50% of the recommended tire pressure Many low profile tires or run flat tires do not show that they are low.

What is the science behind it?

For every 10% that a tire is under inflated it loses 5,000 of its rated life. The RMA estimates that 10 million tires wear out prematurely every year due to under inflation.

Increased Safety

Vehicle safety is every driver’s primary concern. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) estimates 250,000 vehicle accidents are caused by under inflated tires every year, and well over 90% of tire related failures attributed to under inflated tires. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 70 to 100 people lose their lives every year due to under inflated tires. Under inflated tires do not handle as well, and run very hot leading to internal tearing and tread separation. Under inflated tires decrease a vehicles ability to brake, and steer around hazardous situations.

Why risk riding on under inflated air-filled tires? Under inflated tires cause accidents, cost more in gas and lead to premature removal of tires. PurigeN98 will save you more now...and down the road.

Discover how PurigeN98 can help your tires feel younger and last longer.

Maximize Fuel economy by using PurigeN98 in your tires.

Information provided by and  United States Environmental Protection Agency

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